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If you like any sort of hip hop or rap, there's a chance you'll like at least one of these songs. 

Here's a synopsis:

"The goal was to create a hip hop album involving several different styles/sub-genres of rap  while also managing to tell a story within them. Thus, there ended up being 3 "interlude" tracks where Magic Tricks talks to himself with differing opinions on where the music should go. Part of him wants to make simple "banger" tracks so more people will listen and he'll be more popular, while another part of him wants to make more personal art-style tracks to get problems off of his chest and actually express himself. Halfway through he realizes he's gone too far with one side, and expresses a lot of grief."

You can listen to it all the way through here:


OR, you can listen to it individually on Souncloud:


ORRRR, you can download it individually/full on Bandcamp:



Thank you to Jake Briggs for making the face on the artwork.


Shout out to Brady, Joe, and Alan, who helped a ton with feedback.

Thank you to everyone who listens or supports the music/me. I appreciate you all so incredibly much.

Please share if you enjoy.


Giant Spider

2016-12-12 00:59:24 by heyopc

I don't like giant spiders. I did make a Game Grumps Animated about one though, if you wanna watch it. 

If you wanna talk about giant spiders with me though I'm down for that too.



You might've seen this picture on Twitter. It's about time.



I forgot to post about this.


But I made cancer. Please help my cancer spread to everyone.


I Made My First Game!!

2016-10-06 21:48:52 by heyopc

Well, really just a demo of a game.


I made it for my Social Issues in Interactive Media and Games class. Try it out!

But fair warning, it's not very easy.


I'm so slimy and gross

2016-06-17 13:40:59 by heyopc

Hey guys! Wanted to let everyone know that I finally put up an album I made in high school called Slimy on Newgrounds. You can listen to the whole thing here:



That's it. That's all I wanted to say.

Go away now.


State O' Affairs

2016-04-29 12:14:42 by heyopc


First thing's first, I decided to post my Game Grumps animated from October on here today, you can watch that here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/673976


Secondly, I'm gonna give an update of things to come. The next animation I'm planning on posting is going to be a SleepyCast Animated of the Marsquatch podcast. I laughed too hard at the one to not make that. Expect that sometime in May. Afterwards I plan on making the first episode of McMuphin, which is going to take a lot longer because it's going to be a longer video that I usually make and it's going to need some bonus things taken care of that you guys'll see later. After that who knows what I'll post, maybe some live action shit on Youtube Famous, maybe some dumb short cartoons where there's a fart and burp. We'll see. I'm gonna keep working on drawing and doing streams once I'm done with finals next week, though, so that'll be cool too. Also I plan on releasing my second musical album/tape thing for free by the end of the summer. All the instrumentals are finally ready, so that shouldn't be toooo hard.


And C.) I'm going to be at Pico Day next week. WOOOOOOOO, to whoever else is going, I'm gonna be the really tall dude with blond hair not really talking to anyone. I'm kinda shy, ahaha, so if you see me feel free to come up and talk, I won't bite. I'm pumped, though.


So yeah, that's what things are looking like right now. Other updates will be on Youtube or Twitter.





My new plan is to try to do a thing every day, whether it's make a song/instrumental, make a drawing, or make an animation. Today I made this, and didn't want to post it here because I know it'll be downvoted to shit for being short and not that funny:


But I want to create every single day, whether or not it's animation. I think it's really helping me improve at the things I really want to improve at. If I'm really sick or having technical problems or something that's a different case, though.


Also rutabaga sucks.


2016-03-28 20:11:35 by heyopc

MY LAPTOP IS OFFICIALLY BACK, SO I CAN MAKE SHIT AGAIN. I'd include pictures and stuff, but I literally just got it and I'm installing stuff now.

So like, expect me to be posting things like tomorrow. I'm so excited to get working on stuff again, it's insane. It's like having someone take everything you enjoy away from you for a few weeks. Goddamn.

I lost some progress on the first McMuphin, but I got working on storyboarding and things in the meantime. I want to shoot for having that done in May now, but it might be longer. I'll have other stuff before then, though.


Laptop Problems

2016-03-15 17:04:29 by heyopc

My laptop is TOAST right now. The battery won't charge and the way it's manufactured I can't take the battery out, and it's not really running while it's plugged in, and UGH I can't draw or animate or write music or anything until I replace it. I really hope that I can still back it up or else everything I've been working on so far (the music project I've been working on since August, a game I started developing in Unity, every animation I didn't finish that I still want to work on, McMuphin, etc) will be gone. That would crush me, like, goddamn.  Plus, I've been using my dad's cheap laptop in the meantime so I can still do some schoolwork, but I'm not gonna be able to run any programs on it without extreme lag. I couldn't even download Microsoft Office today because there wasn't enough space. I also tried making a hip hop beat in some down time yesterday and couldn't hear it in real time. Then it froze and I lost all the progress I made since I (stupidly) never saved. It's just super frustrating.

To sum things up, I'll probably be gonna pretty inactive on here and Youtube for a while unless I'm commenting here and there. I've considered doing some streaming if I can use one of my friends' computers, and that could be drawing (probably in MS Paint LOL) or gaming. If it were gaming, it'd probably be me and some friends in the video. I dunno. I'll keep people updated if they're interested.

But yeah, if you guys were hoping for some heyopc soon, sorry to disappoint. I'm incredibly disappointed too. Hopefully this absence won't last too long.