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Posted by heyopc - September 11th, 2022


- @jack

It’s all over. The GREATEST jam in Newgrounds history is over.

This may seem sad for some… But do not reflect and long for the better days of rumbling and tumbling. Reflect and celebrate the rumbles and tumbles that made this website — this community — this backyard barbecue — such a wonderful place to collaborate and co-exist. Learn from the Big Boy Rumble Tumble; what evoked powerful emotions for you and your peers? What lessons and morals are there to be shared and cherished as the years go on beyond Big Boy Rumble Tumble's end? Big Hoss will always have a place inside of us. Big Hoss is in every meat you have smoked. Every burger that has graced your tastebuds. Big Hoss is the pit-stains you can’t seem to get out of your shirts… Reminders of the warm summers you spent outdoors frolicking through sprinklers… playing corn hole… taking care of the lawn… talking ‘bout big dang ol’ trucks n’ shit… ripping Coors Lights with the boys in the back-yard until your wife tells you off. As we enter the fall-time, this a reminder that Big Hoss embodies these moments. You are Big Hoss. We are Big Hoss. Big Hoss is one.

Uh, anyways, awesome fucking work everyone! We ended up with about 60 entries to judge, and in full-genuine-honesty, I absolutely loved every single one. I need to thank all of the judges — @Bill, @cryptospore, @droid, @jack, @poptaffy, and @shal — for joining me… this would have been like picking your favorite child and then throwing the rest into a child-sized trash compactor without these fellas. Don't ever do that, by the way.

And shoutout to everyone who watched us judge the entries live in the NGP server! For those unaware… @shal @droid and I are the current hosts of NGP, and you can catch these events in the Discord server or on NG Radio when they take place (even though this specific event was a Discord exclusive).

I also want to add — if your submission did not make it onto this post, don’t worry! You didn’t go unseen. We are still going to make the Big Boy Rumble Tumble collab video, and I’m planning to squeeze as many of these entries in as I can. To add onto this… You can still submit Big Boy Rumble Tumble videos! I know a lot of y’all didn’t get the opportunity to enter or finish your entry for the jam, and y’know, that happens… life gets in the way sometimes. But we are still accepting new Rumble Tumble videos for the collab, send me more Hoss!

Blah blah blah, shut up shut up shut up. The judges voted.

Here are the winners of the Big Boy Rumble Tumble jam!


I love this one… And many judges agreed. Seeing 3D Hoss was cool in every entry that did it, but seeing Hoss fighting another Hoss all Mortal Kombat style just quite simply fucking rules. The sound effects are also pure gold. Lots to really enjoy here.

  • Big Boy Rumble Eating a Scrumptious Peanut Butter Dinner - @sodacloud
The audio on this one… so good. @sodacloud delivers a very cute Itty-Bitty Hoss snacking on some big ol' peanut butter chocolate candies in his art style. Never fails to put a big smile on my face… Until the ending :(

Now, Tyro, buddy! A little risky using a judge as a voice actor… and then as a character? Something ain’t right there. However, like the other Dragon Ball Z style entries, seeing Hoss show off his extreme power is always a joy. Some great art, animation, and shot composition in here too. Hoss is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

@SirLenward has a signature art-style that always hits the mark. Fantastic colors and clean-ass work. Also this video is a Mario Party fucking fever dream. It gave me nightmares for two days. Super cool, like I guess, like thanks for that.

Lot of good stuff in this one, from the audio hitting nicely, beginning with the snap at the start, to the clean art style, to subverting expectations over and over again. We all thought the video would be over, and then a new joke would pop up, all while meeting the guidelines of the jam. Very, very cool. Also is that me in the end getting crushed??

Adored the color palette here. Very unique looking style. Hoss rumbling and tumbling got a massive laugh out of the judges as well. Very fun stuff!

Such a good video… One of the first entries! @P-PAMda flexes here with such a strong sense for colors and such a strong fucking art style. And seeing the Angry Faic hat on top of the Mecha-Hoss? Absolute chef's kiss. A must-watch from BBRT.

  • Big Hoss Unleashes His Omega Tumble - @NeatoNG
Hoss has never been so badass. That beautiful, long, flowing, golden-blonde hair in the wind… Tough as fuck. @shal said this one gave him goosebumps, lol. Awesome work here.

This one was found to be the funniest entry pretty unanimously among the judges. There’s something so good about that super long build-up leading to such a blunt punch-line. That’s the best way I can explain it without completely spoiling the thing. Also, the little gun-spin by the Yokozuna towards the end was a great touch.

Now, I’ve never watched Blade Runner, so bits and pieces were lost on this for me. However, the art style, the shot of Hoss about 10 seconds in, and the tumble were all fucking gems. The judges all agreed that this video was still great without needing to understand Blade Runner. Very nice stuff.


5th Place - $85

Big Hoss's Grand Adventure - @Fantishow

@Fantishow and @fruit-ghoul teamed up to showcase a pretty damn accurate representation of a BBQ with the Hoss. It had everything you could ever want — rumbling, tumbling, Big Hoss — paired with beautiful backgrounds, super nice animation, and super dynamic shots. Audio work was very nice too; while a bit quiet, it was all super clean and the voice acting was great. I would kill innocent people for a gif of the last shot in the video. Awesome job!

4th - $85

Hoss House - @psitaccus

One of, if not the most, unique entry in the whole jam. This goes from the art style to the story being told… It’s the happiest Hoss video! It’s wonderful to see Big Hoss with a little Hoss family. While the tumbling was visually a bit too on the nose, Hoss does manage to, in a way, metaphorically tumble into his own sitcom on CBS. And I hope that’s the real intention here because that’s super cool. Great stuff!

3rd - $110

Big Hoss Extinguishes the Sun - @FlamingPiickle

Fuck me have I replayed this one a lot. So many little minute things, particularly in the sound design. A tiny fart sound here. A puffer fish gagging on a carrot sound there. @FlamingPiickle also brings Big Hoss into their iconic art style, paired with some over-the-top animation when Hoss takes his tumble. So damn good… And I’m very glad I finally got to see a Big Hoss grill on the roof.

2nd - $160

BIG Hoss VS LITTLE Monkey Ball - @TrohPee

So fucking funny. So goddamn fucking funny. I can watch this all day. From Big Hoss’ voice to the shot at the very end. This video refuses to get old for me. The art style for the 2D animation was also very nice, especially being paired with the 3D Monkey Ball stuff. It makes me ask a lot of questions, like, wtf is Big Hoss doing in Monkey Ball? Why is he the only 2D character in this 3D environment? How tf did he get here? Why in the fucking hell does he want to get into the Monkey Ball so bad? Who cares! Hoss is unstoppable, Hoss does what he wants, and we love the hell out of this video.

1st - $420

Big Hoss' silly little jig - @wellie

This decision felt unanimous for all of the judges. Every moment of this short video was a treasure. Every piece of animation was executed masterfully, most notably seen during the Hoss’ tumble. We see anticipation, leading to this super heavy-weighted fall. Hoss’ feet then fly upwards due to the strength of this impact, causing the rest of his body to react almost like a giant water balloon. It’s like eye candy… So much Hoss! Then the moaning comes in, and this feeling of awe we received from the A+ visuals turns into a huge fit of laughter due to the audio. It hits every base and exudes Big Boy Rumble Tumble; all while maintaining a very simple plot and very minimal design. I also want to note the frame where we see Hoss’ skeleton — this is something I didn’t notice when I watched it through the first time, but the shape of that skeleton in contrast to Hoss’ volume is fucking hilarious. Kudos @wellie, and congratulations!

There are some more entries I’d like to personally shoutout, though.


Y’all know I need to mention this one. This video is everything Big Boy Rumble Tumble, and probably the most notorious entry. Super funny, super well made, and @ConnorGrail’s music always hits. A slapper it is and all yeah, but unfortunately it came in too late and was over the max time limit in the rules. A damn shame. I recommend you all check it out, though. I’ve probably spent a few hours in total letting this thing play on loop. A favorite of mine for sure.

A classic @someape style cartoon featuring Big Hoss as the star. A dramatic piece full of pigs, bombs, love, loss, and most importantly, Hoss. A little something for everyone. Got big laughs out of all of us. Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t seen it already.

  • The Big Hoss Bogosort (2022 HD EDITION) - @DongffTK
This one is the current face of the BBRT Collection! I love this animation, it makes me somehow laugh and feel extremely uncomfortable at the same time. Like, Hoss could just be a silly guy, but it also feels like he’s fucking after me. Every single frame in here is gold, you can pause anywhere in the video and get a laugh. I’d also kill for a gif of this one without the zoom-in. So good.
EDIT: We got the gif! Thank you, @DongffTK!

This is @poptaffy’s personal favorite entry - you officially earned the world's first @poptaffy award. Congratulations. All of the judges love this video deeply, too, and we are all excited to see more from @Maxfilm. Unfortunately, it did go over the time limit in the rules… But please don’t let that stop you from watching this super wacky animation. It’s very reminiscent of early Pendleton Ward stuff.

We all adore this video. It’s super fucking funny, and provided one of the best Hoss gifs out there within its description. It feels inspired by @Bassetfilms’ work, which was super cool to see. Loved the art, loved the gags, and while it unfortunately also went over our time limit, it is too good to skip. Give it a watch!

Super fun video with some great shots of the Hoss. It’s like a country boy cooking show if everyone did a pound of meth. Nice little details in here too, notably “Ford” being replaced with “Fuck” on Hoss’ truck. Big fan of that. It was unfortunately submitted late for the jam… But a very enjoyable entry nonetheless. Check it out!

Interesting that we got 2 Numa Numas… I didn’t anticipate even seeing one, but both videos ended up being great! A nice little homage to some NG history. Super glad both videos were submitted, and there’s a lot of little details to enjoy in each individually. Nice work!

I wanted to shoutout this one for being super creative. @Traadess plays on the word ‘tumbling’ with “Tumblr”, throwing Hoss on the site as an addict. Super cool ideas here, and something I did not expect to see.

This one straight up made me laugh, dude. Shoutout to @VoicesByCorey for the great delivery. It all moves so fast… Does not fail to make me crack up.

The OG face of the BBRT Collection! Shoutout @midgetsausage, this video got me SO excited for the jam. Great bits, awesome shot composition (particularly the wide shot of Hoss staring down the meat-thief), and a super fun video over all. This was one of the very first entries, and thus, sits as a staple in Rumble Tumble history.

Apologies that I don't have a write up for every video... I want to reiterate that we really do love every single one!

A couple more things… 

  • Shoutout to the handful of y'all who did art of Big Hoss, and also to the original music made for BBRT! Y’all haven’t gone unnoticed, awesome stuff!
  • Shoutout to @hydromecha for making this cool-ass 3D printed Hoss trophy. Or maybe Hoss grave? The Hossolith. Idk. It’s super fucking cool! If y'all are interested in this, we're figuring out the logistics of distributing the dang thing since we considered it as a prize, but shoot me a dm bc I can keep you up to date (especially if you own a 3D printer.....)!


So fucking cool!
  • Shoutout to @Joe-Mega for offering to do shirts/merch! I was going to do the designs but ran into a hand injury… So I never got them drawn up in time for winners. BUT, if there’s interest in Big Hoss merchandise, let me know! Maybe this will come back too if y'all want some, idk!


Some early designs... We were considering a red shirt with a big fuck off graphic of Hoss' silhouette on the front.

Thank you so much everyone!

This has been a blast, and everyone did such a great job. Congratulations to the winners, and look forward to the BBRT collab video down the road. And if you make more Big Hoss… send it my way, I wanna see!!!!!

Hey also look at this Hoss by @gurchin

I just realized I probably should have been posting these in the Community Portal. Oh well.

Bye-bye now………………………….hmmmmmm…………hrm………….......bye.......................................................



Posted by heyopc - August 12th, 2022


It's official. The most important jam in all of Newgrounds' culture, as well as goddamn-motherfucking-history, has been announced.


"This is modern-day's moon-landing. Big Boy Rumble Tumble is the end-all be-all Newgrounds jam. The world is going to change" - poptaffy


shoutout to MarcoCardenas for making this crazy animation!!

Now you might be thinking to yourself, "Hey, Chris Piché. What the fuck is a Big Boy Rumble Tumble?"

Well, I'm glad you asked... The man above is Big Hoss, one of the most iconic characters in Newgrounds history.


Big Hoss grills, and he chills. He's a meat smoker. And he does NOT like to fuck around.

Shoutout to @AmmoGuppy who found the VERY rare full Hoss asset!

The idea is to make a short animation that involves Big Hoss rumbling and/or tumbling. Rumbling and tumbling is totally up to how you interpret it, for example, you could make the Hoss...

  • Get into a fight at the pig roast
  • Fall down 16 flights of stairs
  • Do a silly little dance
  • Fall down 32 flights of stairs
  • Run in a hamster wheel
  • Fall down 64 flights of stairs
  • Drive a Ford F150 on a dang ol' bumpy road
  • Do synchronized swimming with several other Hosses
  • Die

Judging is going to be based mostly on how creatively this was interpreted, but also the quality of the work, and how much fun the video is. We would like to keep it in the same vein that the Raymond Collab was, where everything is short and open ended. The intention is for everyone to have fun making a piece.

Once the jam ends, we will also be making a collab out of every entry we can, again, in the same vein as the Raymond Collab

The rules to the jam are as follows:

  1. Your entry MUST be created at 24fps and be between 5 and 20 seconds long. Submitting an animation above or below the limit will not be considered for the jam (though it will be for the collab).
  2. The aspect ratio must be 16:9, but the resolution can be 1920x1080 or 1280x720.
  3. Upload your animation to the movie portal using the tag "BigBoyRumbleTumble". We need this to find your entry!
  4. No copyrighted music!! Use the audio portal if you need to add some.
  5. No NSFW submissions... Big Hoss is a man of God.

Our judges for BBRT are as follows:

@heyopc - Big Hoss analyst.

@droid - Big Hoss supervisor.

@shal - A big boy

@poptaffy - Big Hoss sympathizer.

@jack - Dog

@Bill - A big boy

@cryptospore - ???

Judges are welcome to submit entries for the collab video, but will not be considered for the jam.

Due Date:

Sunday, September 4th, 11:59PM PST

Prize Pool

Donaters include $50 from @olskoo-the-first, $10 from @MysteriousMantis, and a mysterious $800 (from hoss???).

1st - $420

2nd - $160

3rd - $110

4th - $85

5th - $85

If you want to donate to the prize pool (huh? HUH???), use the donation option on the Supporter page and PM Tom a pretty little somethin' stating you donated to the Big Boy Rumble Tumble.

I guess that's it. I smell awful today. This heat wave is killing me. I've never sweat so much in my life.

I'm going to get some chicken mcnuggets..... BYE




Posted by heyopc - June 14th, 2022

pico day was crazy fun.

like crazy crazy fun.

a bunch of us met up and made what could've been the best experience of my life. i met some people i've known for years but never got to meet in person. i met a lot of people i didn't know so well who I'm really really glad i got the opportunity to meet. i was laughing the whole way through. super surreal feeling.

i filmed almost my entire experience of the trip. it was one of those rare times where i didn't want to put my camera down. there was a lot i never wanted to forget, if not the entire thing.

luis shared some videos of pico day meetups in the past with me. those were also super cool, and wild to sort of compare. it makes it all feel more surreal. like the meetup is a piece of newgrounds history in a way. except the equipment i used was newer. lol.

this is my third time meeting up with folks from NG, the first time was in 2016. and i wanna share this all here because none of those experiences would have happened if it wasn't for this dang ol stinky website. i met some of the greatest friends i could ever wish for through this raven and starfire hentai hole. some of the most creative and genuine and funny people on earth are all of you on here. and the fact that NG gives us all the opportunity to meet and collaborate with each other is incredible. any one of you could have the same experience i did at some point in your lives. and i wanna have an experience like this one again as soon as possible.

so uh, yeah. idk. cool. this post kinda cringe. icky.

free poptaffy






put shal in jail.



Posted by heyopc - March 6th, 2022




Posted by heyopc - March 2nd, 2022

follow maxxjamez


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Posted by heyopc - December 27th, 2021


I wanted to make a post kind of summarizing my year here and shouting out some cool ass projects from this week that I got to be a part of! Oh my days there's a lot of good stuff on this website atm tho!!!


Boxing Day 2021 by Luis

I didn't even know my music would be in this! Thanks, Luis!

This video is crazy-well animated in Luis' iconic style, it's so gosh dang freaking charming!!!

Peter the Ant Reloaded by Jack

I made an NFL midi for this game.

Nokoi's art and everyone's screaming makes this a real funny one. Peter is scary!!!!!

LUCKYBOY by DOMROMART (plus the whole LUCKYBOY team)

A track I made in Boston is in this! I am also a 3D model in this!!

Such a crazy crazy crazy animation. Droid summed it up with what I was thinking... NG's Scott Pilgrim vs The World. So much cool ass mixed media.

Tankmas ADVENTure 2021 by SplatterDash (and a WHOLE lot of other people)

I didn't really do anything for this one, but there is a Cheese World skin!!!


hahaha happy holidays

Like I said, there's SO much on NG right now. I feel like everyone goes crazy with uploads during the holidays. Especially with Peter the Ant Day happening after Christmas this year. Happy birthday, Plufmot!


I feel like the last 2 years have been shit for everyone besides for on Newgrounds. NG keeps me active online and some of my best friends are from here. Thank god I use this website.

A lot of wild things have happened! I met tons and tons and tons of cool people between 2020 and especially 2021 that I'm really glad to know.

Shal, Droid, and I started doing NGPR through the Newgrounds Podcast server on Sundays. I only released one cartoon, but I got involved in 8 others (and maybe more if they appear this week). I dropped 4 tapes this year and doubled my following I built from 6 years of using the site prior. I finally got the whole robbery thing out of my conscious and donated back the money raised for me to the site early this year. Wacky and zany!!!

If you wanna check out my past tapes (this year was bite-sized snacks, CHEESE WORLD, Travel Channel, and CHRIS AND AARON SAVE CHRISTMAS), I put all of my full releases that exist on NG into a playlist here.

I'm also throwing 9 tracks that will drop on streaming services this Friday (12/31) from my NG audio portal. You can pre-save it here.

What a crazy nutty wacky zany goofy gaff riddled big fuck off time! We gonna go crazy in 2022! LETS GOOOOO



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Posted by heyopc - June 23rd, 2021

Damn, a. bit under a year later and we've doubled it. I'm gonna have to eat two microwaved hot dogs now........


Also I didn't post this yesterday because I didn't want to interrupt the CHEESE WORLD SHIRTS AND POSTERS POST!!!!!!! GET THEM HERE!!!!!!!!!!!



Posted by heyopc - June 20th, 2021

we heard a rumor some people might be interested in cheese world merch.........................




this shits super limited so if you want it then get it